If you haven't heard Microsoft made Office 365 Planner widely available. As Planner users and lovers, we are thrilled to learn that the tool that allows us to effectively collaborate, organize and track team projects, is now available for Office 365 users worldwide!  

Since many of you are new and unfamiliar to Planner we thought we'd walk you through a live demo of the best practices we've accumulated over the past seven months. The educational walk through is designed for organizations of any shape, size, and industry—corporations, non-profits, schools, and universities.

Watch the demo to learn: 

  • Best practices for organizing your Planner work space  
  • Best practices for better collaboration and communication in Planner 
  • Best practices for getting more done in Planner and exceeding team targets 



Meet Kristina Mamina | Project Manager at Bonzai Intranet


As a Project Manager at Bonzai Intranet, Kristina has become the in-house expert of Office 365 Planner which has transformed the way she collaborates with teams. Advocating Planner to co-workers and clients, Kristina trains people on how to use Planner to improve communication, collaboration and success of team-based projects. After graduating with an Honors BSc from the University of Toronto, Kristina became passionate about how technology can improve team-based work when she first became a Project Manager at Bell Media.