In May of last year, Microsoft launched its most innovative release of SharePoint yet. SharePoint 2016 provides a truly cloud-compatible, mobile and intelligent experience, unlike any other SharePoint versions. In some scenarios, migrating to SharePoint 2016 will even lower your IT operating costs.

In this presentation, six-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP winner, Michal Pisarek, walks you through the business case for deploying SharePoint 2016 in a hybrid environment—the win-win solution that addresses your cloud concerns and migration risks.

Watch the video to learn:
  • How hybrid deployments can leverage O365 workloads to suit your business needs
  • How eliminating infrastructure elements can lower your IT costs
  • How feature and function additions in SharePoint 2016 will improve the end-user experience


Meet Michal Pisarek | Director of Product at Bonzai Intranet


Michal Pisarek is a Microsoft SharePoint MVP, an award that is given to experts in the community for sharing their technical expertise and real-world knowledge. His passion is in ensuring that Intranets are seen as a primary business platform so that organizations can achieve their potential. Acknowledged as a thought leader in the Intranet space, he is a frequent speaker at many international events and has been referenced in publications such as Gartner and StepTwo.