Get your Intranet Information Architecture Right!

Join us for Intranet Information Architecture WEBINAR as we guide you through the strategies and proven methodologies that Bonzai uses to create a functioning intranet site structure that users will love.

In this extended session, you'll also get insider knowledge from consultants with scar tissue that have led hundreds of intranet implementations on navigation and wireframes that achieve 100% user adoption. 

Intranet Information Architecture Extended Session

During this webinar series, you will learn about:
  • Intranet Information Architecture Fundamentals
  • Card Sorting & Tree Testing
  • Navigation & Wireframes

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Meet Your Intranet Success Sherpa!

Michal Pisarek | Director of Product at Bonzai Intranet

Michal-Pisarek-3.pngMichal Pisarek is a 6-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, an award that is given to experts in the community for sharing their technical expertise and real-world knowledge. His passion is in ensuring that Intranets are seen as a primary business platform so that organizations can achieve their potential. Acknowledged as a thought leader in the Intranet space, he is a public speaker at many international intranet events and has been referenced in publications such as Gartner and StepTwo.