2018 is your year to get your new intranet launched successfully.

Join us for Architecting & Executing Your Successful Intranet Launch in 2018 [WEBINAR SERIES] to get insider knowledge from consultants with scar tissue that have led hundreds of intranet implementations from committee planning and content audits to software evaluation all the way through to go-live user intranet adoption. We will guide you through the strategies and proven methodologies that Bonzai uses to achieve a 100% client retention year-over-year.

12-Part Series Architecting & Executing a Successful Intranet Launch in 2018 

During this webinar series, you will learn:
  • How to Create an Award-Winning Intranet in 2018: What Makes a Great Intranet & How You Can Create One
  • Your Intranet Project Team: Defining The Ideal Team
  • Intranet Content Planning (Part I): Understanding Your Intranet Content with Content Auditing
  • Intranet Content Planning (Part II): Content Mapping, Content Ownership & Content Reviews
  • Organizational & User Requirements: How to Best Gather Requirements for Your New Intranet
  • Intranet Information Architecture (Part I): Intranet Information Architecture Fundamentals
  • Intranet Information Architecture (Part II):  Card Sorting & Tree Testing
  • Intranet Information Architecture (Part III): Navigation & Wireframes
  • Intranet Visual Design: Color Palettes, Guidelines & User Experience
  • Intranet Governance: Planning & Guidance
  • Intranet Training: Content Authoring, Administration & User Training
  • Intranet Communication Planning: How to Communicate The Launch of Your New Intranet 

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Meet Your Intranet Success Sherpa!

Michal Pisarek | Co-founder and Director of Product at Bonzai Intranet

Michal-Pisarek-3.pngMichal Pisarek is a 6-time Microsoft SharePoint MVP, an award that is given to experts in the community for sharing their technical expertise and real-world knowledge. His passion is in ensuring that Intranets are seen as a primary business platform so that organizations can achieve their potential. Acknowledged as a thought leader in the Intranet space, he is a public speaker at many international intranet events and has been referenced in publications such as Gartner and StepTwo.